We are Dave and Audrey Harding.

Attention: We are sorry to inform everyone that we are closing down this website in July. Wikispaces will no longer offer website service after that time. We will continue to provide our two Facebook sites with information regarding our Marvelous Monarchs project. Please begin to refer to "Marvelous Monarchs Butterfly Habitat" and "Marvelous Monarchs" group page on Facebook.

We live in Souderton, PA. Our interest in Monarchs came as a result of our granddaughter's family project in 2001. We began raising caterpillars in a 10 gallon aquarium in our home. For the next several years we added larger aquariums. After a visit to Tyler Arboretum in Media, Pa., we were inspired to have an outdoor butterfly house built on our property in 2006. This gave us the capability to provide a habitat with various host and nectar plants that would allow Monarchs to thrive and reproduce.

Since the Monarchs don't usually come to us until early summer, we wanted to find a way to make our butterfly house interesting and fun earlier in the spring. We provide host and nectar plants for a number of other species of butterflies along with milkweed on our property.

We are members of Monarch Watch, an educational outreach program sponsored by the University Of Kansas. We have been involved in their tagging program since 2003. This research program helps biologists to track the Monarch's migration to Mexico and monitor their population. Monarch Watch has started a Monarchs Watch Waystation program for people interested in getting involved in the preservation of the Monarch and its habitat. For information, go to www.monarchwatch.org. Click on Monarch Waystation Program tab. We are number #83 Waystation.

In February, 2009, we had the incredible experience of visiting the Monarch sanctuaries in Central Mexico. We saw firsthand what it's like each winter when millions of Monarchs fill the air with their flashing wings. One of our Monarch butterflies from 2010, was recovered at the El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary, Michoacan, Mexico. That represents a 2000 mile trip from Souderton, PA.

We are available to present our Environmental Education Program as it relates pollinators, in schools, churches, retirement homes, and other organizations. We present an interesting and informative multi-media program on butterfly gardening, life cycle, migration and the preservation of Monarch butterflies and their habitat along with all pollinators. We also use live visuals in our programs when they are available. Depending on the venue, we can close our program with a spiritual emphasis. Fee: $125.00 for 45 min. to 1 hour program. Please call or e-mail us soon to schedule us to present a program for your organization. Our dates are starting to fill up. Get your date reserved. E-mail us at marvelousmonarchs@yahoo.com, or call 215-723-2573 or 215-264-7397.

We both have FBI Criminal History and Child Abuse History Clearances.

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