During the summer we have Monarch caterpillars to take care of and also chrysalises that soon would be butterflies. If we go away for any long period of time, we were able to put bunches of milkweed leaves in vases in our butterfly house so the female Monarchs would have a place to lay their eggs. By the time the caterpillars were ready to leave the milkweed to form their chrysalis, we needed to come up with a plan for when the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis. If they remained in their sealed shoe boxes after they emerged, they might die before we came home. We decided to attach "j" channel to the underside of our shelf cabinet in the butterfly house and slide the shoebox lids in the "j" channel racks. That way, the lids were in the open under the cabinet, protected from the weather. When the butterflies emerged, they could hang free under the lids. When they were ready to fly, they were free to do so and were able to get nectar and reproduce.DSCF3316.JPGDSCF3334.JPG